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What Do We Know About Play Therapy – unicorp essays


10Jan 2022 by


As we begin to learn about play and therapeutic play, it is important to have a firm understanding of the two concepts. Do some additional research outside of our readings and respond to the questions below:

What is play? List 10 statements that describe/define play.
What is therapeutic play? List 5 statements that describe/define therapeutic play
What are some concepts about therapeutic play that you would like to learn in this class? List 5  ideas of what would be beneficial for your to learn in this class.
Discuss any experiences that you have had with therapeutic play.  The experiences can be information and do not have to have been in a professional capacity.

Please support your writing with a minimum of 3 references using APA formatting.  Your paper should have a cover page, citations and a reference page.  You do not need an abstract page. Your paper should be created in a word document and uploaded as an attachment. 
Grading Rubric


Possible Points

Student Points

Paper includes 10 statements that describe/define play



Paper includes 5 statements that describe/define therapeutic play



Paper includes 5 ideas for learning about therapeutic play



Paper discusses personal experience with therapeutic play



Paper uses minimum 3 references to support writing



Paper is APA formatted and includes cover page, citations and a reference page




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