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What unique opportunities or challenges have you experienced throughout your high school career that have shaped who you are today?


This is for a college admission essay.  

Please use the draft below to help build the essay: 

When it comes to being successful in college, I have had amajor event happen that has prepared me for this chapter in my life. The eventthat I feel like has prepared me for college is when I was cut from my highschool baseball team. At first, when this happened, I was in disbelief, Ithought I was guaranteed a spot in the program, but that was not the case.Instead of me sitting in my room sulking about this event, I used my disappointmentand turned it into motivation to focus on my training. I worked harder than I everhad before so I could become not only a member of the team but a starter. Withthis event, I learned that nothing is given to you, everything is earned. Sothrough this event, I became a hard worker who will do anything to complete mygoals.


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