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What Works? Research into Practice – unicorp essays

14Jan 2022 by


Monographs: What Works? Research into Practice (select one of the research monographs). 


Post a message to this discussion folder, with the title of the monograph you would like to focus on, in the subject field. Check to ensure that the monograph is not being covered by another student. 
Read the monograph, noting key ideas and information. 

Choose option A or option B
Option A (text response or audio/video recording)

What connections do you make with the monograph?
What are the most important points in the monograph?
Include one or two questions or discussion prompts in your post.

Option B

Create an infographic, poster, brochure or slide deck that captures the key information in the monograph. 
Create one or two questions or discussion prompts relating to the monograph. 
Post the infographic, poster, or brochure and discussion questions/prompts to the discussion folder.

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