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When Caregivers Need Care. The Importance of Counseling Services for Caregivers of the Chronically Ill – unicorp essays


This research paper will focus on counseling issues important to general or specific populations, and important to the advancement of the counseling profession and the care of people. Please note that papers should reflect no more than 20-30% maximum match from other sources. Be sure to check this carefully and make sure you do not overquote material, or present information that has been previously used without proper citation. You are encouraged to be as creative as you like, and your Capstone Paper will serve as the written foundation for your Capstone Presentation. The project must provide conclusive recommendations by the student regarding how to implement the information researched, which may include discussion such as:
• A manuscript for publication of a research project or a literature review.
• A group designed to treat a specific clinical issue in a clinic population.
• A workshop or a series of workshops designed to address a specific issue/population.
• A prevention/intervention designed to address a specific issue/population/setting.
• The development or analysis of a new assessment tool.
• A new creative application of a theoretical approach.
• The development of a new policy including political, outreach, advocacy implementation strategies.
*Remember any final project must be focused on counseling theory, practice, or application, even if other professional skills or concepts are integrated into it. Every Capstone Paper must include a written paper that includes the following main sections: 1. Title page: Please follow standards described with the American Psychological Association (APA) Writing Manual (1 page) 2. Abstract: Brief overview sharing key findings of the entire paper, specifically with elements of your introduction, literature review, and discussion sections. Don’t Page 16 of 21 forget to include 5-6 keywords at the bottom of the page and citation of a few core articles from which your paper relies (1 page, approximately 150-250 words) 3. Introduction: Why this topic? Opening hook and rationale for the topic; how it is important to counseling; prevalence of the issue; sociocultural, multicultural, and ethical implications (approximately 1-2 pages) 4. Literature Review: What about this topic? Literature review; speaking specifically from the research (approximately 4-6 pages) 5. Discussion: How does this information apply? Discussion with how to make sense of the topic, how it applies to counseling, how counseling professionals can use the information, what you feel the information suggests, consideration of sociocultural, multicultural, and ethical issues. (approximately 4-6 pages) 6. Conclusion: Where now? Summary and wrap up (approximately 1-2 pages) 7. References: Who? References *Sections in bold represent Level 1 headings (although remember the Introduction section is not officially listed) Grading: The Capstone Paper may be NO MORE than 25 pages. The text portion of the paper (not including title page, abstract, or references) should include 12-15 pages of direct paper content. Any pages of text (not including the abstract, references, etc.), should not exceed 15 pages, so any pages beyond that amount will result in reduced points. Please remember APA style is the required writing format and will be graded closely. Include an abstract


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