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Why Kleptocracy is a Roadblock in combating Global corruption


24Jan 2022 by


I have found almost all of the sources for this paper. You would just need  more. source that defines Kleptocracy, 1) The topic is on Global Corruption: Why Kleptocracy is a Roadblock in combating corruption 
2) The thesis: Kleptocracy affects developing county’s economic development, political affairs ( ex. hinders trade relations and foreign investments), and quality of life for citizens

3) Also talk about the role western countries ( developed countries)  play in enabling Kleptocracy/corruption in developing countries ( there is a source on this below. It is the google book!) 
4)there are 2 stories I want you to address in the paper. 1 story is about what happened in Equatorial Guinea, the other is of Malaysia missing billions ( sources are below) 

Some Sources LINK: 



Other sources have been attached below. 


Source link


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