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WRD 111 PROPOSAL ASSIGNMENT – unicorp essays


For this assignment, you will be writing a 500-word description/synopsis of a text (book/poem/story), article, or video designed to promote/buttress equitable and edifying print or online content. You should select the platform where your content would be published (YouTube, Facebook/Twitter/etc., online newspaper, traditional print publisher), and identify what you perceive as a weak pointwhat content the platform you select is lacking, or what viewpoints and/or angles are being represented less. Before you begin designing/writing/composing your content, here are some questions you may want to ponder:1) What does it mean for a publisher/platform to be equitable?2) Does the publisher/platform you selected have a bias and/or slant?3) How does your proposed content improve/mitigate any perceived deficits?

Please find a video on youtube or something similar to meet the requirements of the essay proposal.


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