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Write a critical thinking and research paper on a contemporary issue involving a current Cultural Sexuality debate.


The paper should be approximately five to six pages including a works cited or bibliography page.The paper should include an introduction with a thesis statement that includes three to five main points. Each main point in the thesis should be covered in one or two body paragraphs with supporting details and evidence to back up the thesis statement.Supporting details, evidence, and direct citations from course textbooks 1984 andThinking for Yourself. The paper should also include details and evidence from outside sources, cited in MLA format.The works cited or bibliography page should have at least six sources including 1984 and Thinking for Yourself. In other words at least four academic, credible sources from your own research.The Paper must be typed in an appropriate, legible font and size (i.e. 10-12 pt Ariel, Tahoma, New Times Roman, etc) and in MLA format with a works cited page.Cultural SexualityWrite a critical thinking and research paper on a contemporary issue involving a current Cultural Sexuality debate. Use your two course textbooks 1984 and Thinking for Yourself as well as at least four outside sources from your own research and focus on how the sources present the issue and if the sources are seeking to objectively inform the public of the issue or if they are seeking to persuade the public to think or act a certain way about this issue. Below is a list of example topics, but you are not limited to one of these topics.Example Topics:Sexuality in AdvertisingSexuality in EntertainmentLGBTQ IssuesSex EducationAbstinencePornographyMasturbationProstitutionMonogamy vs PolygamyStatutory Rape (legal age?)Use relevant quotes from 1984 looking at the similarities and differences between our culture and society and the culture and society of the novel.Also refer back to Chapters 10, 11, & 12 in Thinking for Yourself and discuss how well the sources incorporate Inductive Reasoning, Deductive Reasoning and Fallacies in Reasoning surrounding the issue.


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