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Write a research essay and is the capstone assignment of the class.


Write a research essay and is the capstone assignment of the class. You should showcase your mastery of the class’s content. For this essay that ends at least on the fifth page (excluding the works cited page), choose any debatable topic that you are passionate about. This research essay must be argumentative, not merely informational, historical, or biographical. For example, don’t write about a president’s life and how he rose to power; instead, write about how one of that president’s policies had a positive or negative effect. In addition to being more than informational, etc., when you choose a topic, focus on one aspect of that topic. For example, an essay that claims that texting while driving is bad would not be a good essay because the topic is too general. The essay should argue about one aspect of the texting while driving debate, such as voice-to-text technology. Once you narrow your topic, take a clear stance on the issue. This will be your thesis. For example, your thesis could be “If more people used voice-to-text technology, the number of texting while driving fatalities would diminish.” Remember that although this is a research essay do not let your sources overpower your voice. This essay should not be a series of quotations; instead, you should use quotations sparingly, about one or two sentence-long quotations per body paragraph, to support your discussion of the topic. This is a formal essay, so avoid contractions, casual language, and first and second person. Also, if you do not adhere to the rules of citation and documentation, your essay could be considered plagiarized.GUIDELINESContentMust not end one page shortMust not end two pages shortMust not end three pages shortMust not end four pages shortMust include an open thesis, not a closed thesisMust address the essay assignment aboveMust include at least five reputable sources from Galileo, a college’s library, a local library, or newspapers or magazines (This includes online versions.)At least three of the main five sources must be from GalileoAt lease one of the main five sources must support the oppositionMust not use Wikipedia,, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Salem Encyclopedia, or encyclopedias in generalReligious texts, inspirational quotations, and dictionary definitions may be used, but don’t count toward your five sourcesMust quote from each source at least onceMust not include floating quotationsMust not include more than one block quotation. Also, this block quotation must not exceed six lines.Must not misspell wordsMust not mistake similar words, such as then and than and whether and weatherMust not have any missing words, such as “The United States AmericaOrganizationThe essay begins with an introductionThe introduction must include a hookThe introduction must include a thesisEach body paragraph must include a topic sentence near the beginningEach body paragraph must include a concluding sentence near the endAdjoining body paragraphs must include a full-sentence transitionThe essay must include a counterargument paragraphThe essay ends with a conclusionThe conclusion must include an unhookStyleMust not use the words thing and stuffMust not use physical descriptors to describe importance, such as “big deal,” “huge success,” “hard time,” “a bit,” “a bunch,” “a lot,” “lots of,” “tons of,” etc.Must not use more than one long string of prepositional phrases in each paragraph. A long string is three or more prepositional phrases in a row.Must not use more than one phrasal verb in each paragraphMust not use more than one passive voice sentence in each paragraphMust not use more than one expletive sentence in each paragraphMust not use contractions (can’t, won’t, didn’t, etc.)Must not use first or second person (I, you, we, my, your, our, me, us, etc.)Note: you will not be penalized if the text that you quote doesn’t follow these style guidelines. Also, the “in each paragraph” restrictions allow you one instance per paragraph.FormatDouble space12 point textTimes New Roman typeface1 inch margins0 point spacing before and after paragraphs (See the Paragraph menu in Word)MLA heading on the top left of the first page (See Sample Essay 4)Page numbers with last name on the top right of the document’s headerCentered title after the MLA headingLeft aligned textTab at the beginning of each paragraphMust cite quotations, paraphrases, and summaries with MLA in-text citationsMust use paragraph numbers (par.) in in-text citations for source’s that don’t have proper page numbers, such as webpagesMust include an eighth edition MLA works cited page, which does not count toward the page limitMust alphabetize the works cited entriesMust use hanging indentations on the works cited entriesMust quote titles of articles and webpages in the essay and the works cited pageMust italicize titles of newspapers, magazines, websites, and databases in the essay and the works cited pageMust type n.p. if there is no publisher for each website’s works cited entryMust type n.d. if there is no publication date for each website’s works cited entryMust include the access date at the end of each online source’s works cited entryGrammarMust not use intentional fragments for stylistic effectMust not include comma splices, fused sentencesMust not include pronoun antecedent agreement errorsMust not include subject verb agreement errorsMust not use you and your and one and one’s interchangeablyMust not use singular they, them, their, etc. unless they are someone’s preferred pronounTopics for Indecisive StudentsBuild Back Better BillSenators Joe Manchin or Krysten SinemaNRAVoting Rights BillThe FilibusterGeorgia’s New Voting LawInflationJanuary 6thTaxing Millionares and BillionaresTexas Abortion LawGeorgia’s Abortion LawPrivate Space AgenciesSpace TourismFour-Day Work Week$15 Minimum WageMask MandatesUFOsCritical Race TheoryMicroplastics1619 ProjectIsrael-Palestine ConflictCancel CultureBorder CrisisPlastic in the SeaDefund the PoliceSystemic RacismQualified Immunity for PoliceRight to RepairVoter FraudVoter SuppressionCommon CoreSelf-Driving CarsStone Mountain CarvingPacking the Supreme CourtProud BoysAntifaPizzagateJeffrey EpsteinGeorge SorosChild Migrants in Detention CentersPlastic StrawsReparationsVoting Rights of FelonsElectoral CollegePuerto Rico StatehoodWashington DC StatehoodMedicaid For AllUniversal Basic IncomeGA Voting MachinesLab-Grown MeatPalm OilQAnonAnti-vaxxersFlat Earthers#MeTooBlack Lives MatterDemocratic SocialismTeachers’ StrikesChinese Tech Company HuaweiKim Jong UnVladimir PutinTeslaGreen New Deal2020 Census


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